Forms & literature

Select the appropriate form below by clicking on the name. The form will be displayed in PDF format suitable for printing. You must have Adobe® Reader software (available free at to download or print the forms. Please note that some of these transactions can be done online, as indicated.

Open an account Perform
Enrollment Kit

Review the Enrollment Materials and use the Enrollment Form included in this kit to open an Investment Plan account

Manage your account Perform
Account Information Change Form

Update existing information (name, address, phone number, successor account owner information)

Beneficiary Change Form

Change the beneficiary on an existing Investment Plan account or transfer a portion of the account assets to a new beneficiary's account

Agent Authorization / Limited Power of Attorney

Designate a Financial Advisor, Broker, individual, corporation, or other entity as your agent with limited authority to act on your Investment Plan account

Power of Attorney Form

Designate an individual, corporation, or other entity as your agent with the complete authority to act on your Investment Plan account

Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Certify the account owner's or beneficiary's Social Security number or Taxpayer ID number

Make a contribution Perform
Annual Exchange/Future Contribution (Allocation) Form

Move money within an Investment Plan account to a different investment option (allowed once per calendar year) or change investment options for future contributions (allowed anytime)

Automatic Investment/Electronic Funds Transfer Form

Start, change, or stop automatic fund transfer contributions or add or change bank information for electronic contributions to an Investment Plan account

Payroll Deduction Form

Automatically deduct money from your paycheck and invest it into an Investment Plan account, (if your employer offers payroll deduction), or change your existing deduction. (If you're opening a new account, you can enroll online and select payroll deduction as your contribution method.)

Rollover Form

Request a direct rollover from another 529 plan or Education Savings Account to an Investment Plan account

Make a distribution Perform
Distribution Request Form

Initiate a distribution from your account (Do this online)

Plan literature Perform
Highlights Booklet

An overview of the benefits of the Investment Plan.

Conversion FAQs

Questions and answers about the transition of Montana's college savings plans to the new MFESP.

Disclosure Statement

An in-depth description of the rules and regulations of the Investment Plan.